New Residents

Aerial view of  Sun 'n Lake

District Office Location

5306 Sun ’n Lake Boulevard

Sebring, Florida 33872 

Our residents are at the heart of everything we do here. As a resident, we are sure you must have many questions about the District and what to expect living here. Our staff is always available to assist you in whatever way they can. We have also created this page to provide you an excellent starting point. Below, you will find helpful tools and links to get you started. Please call us, or stop by the District office anytime we can be of service.

Welcome to the Sun ‘n Lake family!

Numbers to KnowOfficial Sun 'n Lake Logo

District Office (24/7 Answering Service)(863) 382-2196
Water/Sewer Emergency(863) 382-2196
Island View Restaurant & Pub(863) 382-1191
Recreation Complex(863) 382-3679
Sun ’n Lake Golf Club(863) 385-4830
Security (24/7 Service)(863) 235-1758
Maintenance Facility(863) 658-1738

What is an assessment?

A charge levied in a specifically defined geographical area of property owners which have been identified as having received a direct benefit from an improvement or maintenance.

What are my Sun ’n Lake assessments used for, when are they due?

Assessments are applied towards the following services. They are mailed in October and due by March of the following year.

  • Public Facilities
  • Drainage
  • Recreation Facilities
  • Security Service which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Code Enforcement
  • Mosquito Control
  • Public Lighting
  • SIdewalks
  • Wetland Maintenance
  • Road Maintenance (with exceptions)
  • Right of Way Maintenance
  • Storm Water Management
  • Landscaping in common areas
  • Entrance and Directional Signs
  • Golf Course Maintenance
  • Planning between the County and the District

You can find a detailed description of assessment benefits by Clicking Here

 or call us with any questions at the District Office number listed above.

What is Code Enforcement?

The Code Enforcement Department of the Sun ’n Lake of Sebring Improvement District seeks to enhance and protect neighborhoods and residents’ health, safety and welfare through an efficient and effective code enforcement program. Our department investigates and researches code violations as they occur. We operate in a responsible and fair manner to resolve code violations while respecting the property rights of our landowners.

3 of the Most Common Violations:

  • High Grass and Weeds, On any property that has been cleared of trees, shrubs and other vegetation the underbrush growth must be maintained at twelve (12) inches or less, and any structure located thereon, the underbrush growth must be maintained at eight (8) inches or less.
  • Motor Vehicles Parking on Lawns, The seepage and accumulation of gasoline, diesel fuel, oil and other toxic fluids commonly used in motor vehicles can lead to contamination of groundwater, destruction of plant life, and represents a serious fire hazard. Therefore: vehicles must be parked on a prepared surface.
  • Garbage Disposal, Everyone must dispose of all garbage, rubbish and any other organic waste by placing it in garbage containers. No person shall place any garbage container in open public view for pickup earlier than twelve (12) hours prior to the designated pickup time. Garbage containers shall otherwise be kept in a secure and sanitary manner away from public view. This rule excludes multi-use dumpsters.

To read all the Sun ’n Lake Code Enforcement rules Click Here

What happens if you have a violation?

  • Warning Notice, This will give you a reasonable time to comply. If you have some extenuating circumstance and need more time please call and let us know. Our contact information is on the notice. If the property is not brought into compliance; the next step is...
  • Notice of Violation and a Notice of Hearing, Usually mailed together, again giving a time limit. If the property is not in compliance by this deadline a fine will begin to accrue and the property will be brought before the Special Magistrate. There are various associated fees and costs that Sun ’n Lake will be able to recover and may include the cost of correcting the violation. The Special Magistrate will rule on the case and issue an Order. Once the Order is issued it will be recorded at the County Clerk of Courts which will then become a lien against the property.

Our main goal is voluntary compliance.