Public Records Request

Public Records Request

Public Records Request Form

This request includes everything contained in the District's file for the aforementioned entities and/or persons including but not limited to all printed, handwritten, electronic, computer stored, audio, photographic, and/or video records. You are not required to explain why you are making a request.

Enter the details of your request in the text box:

Records Management Liaison Officer

Melissa Dahl, 863.381.2196 ext 103

Upon submission of this online form, your request will be automatically forwarded to the District's Records Management Liaison Officer for processing. Your request will be processed in a timely manner. Should you require additional assistance please contact the District office at (863) 382-2196.

Please note: If any of the above information is confidential, not publicly accessible, and/or exempt from public disclosure, you will be notified in writing along with the reasons for our withholding such information, citing to the applicable exemption for the Public Records Act. See, Florida Statute §119.07(1)(e) and (1)(f). If the purported exemption we are claiming only applies to a portion of the records, that portion of the records will be redacted, or deleted and we will provide copies of the remainder of the records in accordance with §119.07(1)(d), Fla. Stat.

Sun ‘n Lake Improvement District begins processing requests in the order they are received and works to fulfill all requests as quickly as possible. Broad or laborious requests can take longer to fulfill and may be subject to service fees.

Fees: There will be a cost of duplication as defined in § 119.07 and as stated in the attached Sun ‘n Lake Inspection and Copying of Public Records document. A review of the data requested that is in our custody, control, or possession may require a deposit based on the estimated total costs as stated in the attached Sun ‘n Lake Inspection and Copying of Public Records document.


Under Florida law, email addresses are public records. If you do not want your email address released in response to a public records request, do not send an electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone (863) 382-2196 extension 305. Also, please be aware that all e-mail communications to the Board of Supervisors and employees becomes part of public record which is subject to public review as well as the record retention requirements of the applicable Florida statutes.

Download and Print a Public Records Request Form HERE!

Inspection and Copying of Public Records Regulations HERE.