Auto Flushers

Auto Flushers

�� Good afternoon, everyone! ��

We're excited to share some updates from our ARPA project! As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance water quality and address community concerns, we've recently installed 4 auto flushers across the district's water lines.

These flushers will play a crucial role, particularly during the summer months when our snowbirds are away, ensuring that water remains fresh and free-flowing. No more stagnant water in those lines! ��

This week, we've successfully installed 2 of these auto flushers: one at Pebble Beach near Myrtle Beach and the other at San Bruno, both situated at the ends of their respective areas.

But here's the best part – these flushers are smart and efficient. They're programmed on a set schedule to automatically flush, so you can rest assured that they're doing their job without any manual intervention. Check out the attached pictures to see them in action! ��
We want our community to know that we're actively addressing concerns and taking steps to improve water quality. If you spot these flushers leaking water, don't fret – it's completely normal. However, if you notice prolonged spraying for more than 10 minutes, please report it to us. These flushers typically run short cycles, ranging from 2 to 8 minutes, once to twice a day.

Your feedback matters, and we're here to ensure the best for our community. Thanks for being part of this journey with us! #CommunityImprovement #WaterQuality #ARPAProject ����

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