General Counsel Services Agreement

General Counsel Services Agreement

Project Manager: Raymond D “Boz” Bossert Jr
Project Manager's Title: District General Manager
Project Contact Email:
RFP #:

RFP Name: General Counsel Services Agreement
Pre-Bid Meeting Date and Time: N/A
Bid Opening Date: 15 November 2023
Bid Opening Time: 1200
Proposal Originals Needed: 1
Proposal Copies Needed: 2
RFAI Due Date: N/A
Addendum Date: 5 November 2023.
Liquidated Damages Written and (#): N/A
Date: 15 September 2023

This proposal is for an Attorney that shall represent the District in all its legal matters as detailed herein which the District deems may require the services of an Attorney, except in those matters where an Attorney may have an unavoidable conflict of interest.


Attorney shall perform the following essential duties:

  1. Attend and serve as legal counsel at meetings of the District as required.
  2. Provide legal advice to District administrators as needed on carrying out policies and procedures established and approved by the District.
  3. Prepare and render legal opinions upon request to the District and Board of Supervisors concerning all legal matters relating to the operations of the District.
  4. Counsel and represent the District and the Board of Supervisors in matters of a legal or technical nature relating to the interpretation of statutes, federal and state regulations, ordinances, and contracts, except in cases of conflict of interest, in which case representation shall be of the District.
  5. Provide legal assistance in the drafting of legal documents, rules and regulations, applications, contracts, and all other legal or quasi-legal papers upon request.
  6. Serve as a source of informal, preventative legal counseling for administrative staff, and attend staff meetings as directed by the Board of Supervisors.
  7. Coordinate work performed by outside counsel in preparing, planning, and representing the General Manager, the District, or District employees in litigation.
  8. Coordinate with District administration staff development on legal matters that pertain to the overall administration of the District.
  9. Provide assistance to any firm contracted to conduct foreclosure of District liens for delinquent assessments on properties located within the District in accordance with District policies and as directed by the Board of Supervisors.
  10. Prepare resolutions for adoption by the Board of Supervisors for matters requiring Board action at all meetings of the Board of Supervisors or coordinate with outside counsel for preparation of same in matters involving specialized counsel.
  11. Assist in preparation and enactment of all necessary resolutions for all District funding mechanisms, including bond issues or other financing, for improvements to properties within the District, either through direct preparation or through coordination with outside specialized counsel, inclusive of publication and preparation/mailing of necessary notices to lot owners.
  12. Hold office hours at the District office totaling twenty (12) hours per month. ATTORNEY shall maintain office hours of at least three (3) hours on four (4) separate days each month as coordinated with the General Manager.
  13. Perform other incidental tasks consistent with the goals of this position.


This Contract shall be effective as of 1 December 2023, and shall remain in full force and effect unless terminated by either party in writing with thirty (30) days written notice. If said termination is for cause it shall take place immediately.  This Contract shall be renewed on an annual basis on the same terms and conditions without the need of formal Board approval, but any Standard Rate adjustment must be in writing and approved by the Board before becoming effective.

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